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How to Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance

Having adequate home insurance coverage from a reputable and stable insurance company is obviously important, but at the same time it never hurts to save a few dollars when you can.  Some of the following tips can help you save some money on your homeowner’s policy.

Probably most important is to shop around.  Even from year to year home insurance rates can differ substantially, so it never hurts to get an updated quote from multiple companies to see if moving to a different provider might be cheaper.  Many companies will give a discount if you have both homeowners and auto coverage through them, so always keep that in mind when getting quotes.

Remember that it is called homeowners insurance, so you only really need coverage for the home, not the land.  Especially if you live in a very expensive area, or have a large piece of property that your house is built on, insuring only the value of the home itself can save you some money.  Also, consider adding a burger alarm, since many insurance companies will give a significant discount if you install a solid home security system. 

You should also get quotes from your insurance company for higher deductible plans.  Increasing your deductible by just $500 can lower your annual premiums more than 10%.  Of course, make sure you can afford the higher deductible before you try this money saving tip. 

Of course there are other things that can be done to try and lower your premiums, but we feel these are some of the most cost effective, and most reasonable ones to look into.

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