Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

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The Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

Since motorcycles carry a different set of risks than driving a car, it makes sense that insuring a motorcycle is a little different from insurance a car.  What kind of bike you have also makes a difference.  Whether it is a cruiser or a scooter, or anything in between, your liability, collision and comprehensive coverage will have to reflect the proper level of repair cost should an accident occur.

At a minimum, all states require bodily injury liability and property damage coverage for drivers of motorcycles.  While coverage amounts will vary from state to state, within a state the required coverage is usually the same for motorcycles as it is for cars.  

Just like with auto insurance, a higher deductible will lower your premium amount, but will also result in higher out of pocket expenses should you have a claim.  So, be sure to get motorcycle insurance quotes at various deductible amounts so you can decide if the annual savings is worth the higher costs in the event of an accident.  Also, additional services like replacement part guarantees and roadside assistance will add a few dollars a year to your premium, but might be worth it if you are looking for maximum peace of mind.

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