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Does Car Color Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

For years, people believed there was a correlation between the color of your car and your insurance rates.  Well, fortunately, that rumor is NOT true.  Insurance companies don’t normally collect that information when providing an insurance quote.  If/when they do finally ask for it prior to activating a policy, it is more of a record keeping note that makes identifying the insured vehicle that much easier.

Another rumor that gets circulated is that insurance companies use a car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to determine a car’s color, and they use that information to help set the final insurance rate.  Again, that rumor is not true, as a vehicles color is not one of the characteristics that is stored in the VIN. 

So, when deciding if that shiny silver car or that candy apple red vehicle is for you, don’t bother spending any time wondering if your choice will have any effect on your auto insurance rates

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