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Insurance for Drivers Under the Age of 25

Car insurance for drivers under the age of 25 can be very expensive since a large amount of auto accidents include drivers in this age group.  Shopping around and getting quotes from multiple auto insurance companies is very important since premium differences can be substantial.  When looking to insure a teenage driver, a parent or guardian has two options.

Option number one is to add the teenage driver to an existing policy on a car.  This option might allow you to save a few dollars by taking advantage of discounts that are in force on your existing policy; such as multiple car and accident free discounts).  However, if you drive an expensive vehicle, this option can be more costly since the existing discounts will not be great enough to offset the substantially higher premium that will be necessary to add a teenage driver to an expensive cars existing policy.

Option number two is two buy a separate, less expensive car, and put the teenage driver as the primary driver on that vehicle.  Insurance on a less expensive auto is cheaper since some premiums, such as collision and comprehensive, are heavily dependent on the underlying value of the insured car.  Have a car insured separately under the teenagers name also allows you to set premium levels higher and adjust coverage amounts if you wish.

It’s worth doing some due diligence before actually purchasing a car for your teenager.  Sometimes, certain makes and models of cars can be more expensive to insure than you would think, and knowing that information ahead of time might affect your decision on exactly what car to purchase.  As such it is very important to shop around, and receive multiple quotes to help you decide which car to purchase, and whether it is best to add a teenager to your policy or to have them purchase insurance under a separate policy.

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