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Should I Buy Rental Car Insurance

When renting a car, rental companies will almost always try and get you to purchase rental car insurance.  But is this insurance necessary, or can you just rely on your existing car insurance policy to cover you?

In most instances, your existing coverage will extend to a rental car if you comprehensive and collision coverage are included in your policy.  Of course, you want to verify this information before you travel, but it is a good guide to start with.  Some states will only extend coverage to a rental car if you are traveling within the same state, and coverage is severely limited if you are travelling out of the country.  If you are travelling out of the country, it often does make sense to buy the coverage that is offered by the rental company.

If you do purchase insurance offered by the rental company, be sure you don’t let anyone that is not listed on the rental contact drive your car.  Rental companies are notoriously very strict when it comes to who is driving the car, and if the car is involved in an accident and an unauthorized driver is behind the wheel, there is good chance the damage will not be covered.

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