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Should I Switch Car Insurance Companies

The internet has made our daily lives similar in countless ways, and one of the biggest advantages the internet has afforded the consumer is the ability to research, compare and purchase car insurance without ever leaving the house.  Whether you are looking for new insurance, or would just like to get a quote to compare against your existing policy, taking a few minutes to get a customized, free quote is well worth the time.

Insurance rates between auto insurance companies in a particular state can be different by hundreds of dollars, so making sure your existing policy is reasonable priced is good to do every so often.  As your particular situation changes (you get older, you add additional insureds to your policy, you have an accident, etc) your current insurance quote might suddenly become a lot less competitively priced in comparison to what your premium would be for the same coverage through a different provider.

It is best to begin searching for new insurance roughly one month before your current policy is about to renew.  Although most (if not all) insurance policies allow you cancel your policy at any time, cancelling your policy at renewal is the easiest way to make the switch.  Cancelling your old policy is normally as easy as writing a letter, or sending a fax, to your insurance company communicating your desire to cancel.  Always make sure you have your new policy in place before cancelling so there are no lapses in coverage between the two policies.

Remember, getting an insurance quote is a no obligation undertaking; and since it can now be done with minimal effort on your part, it makes sense to get an insurance quote every year from a competing insurance company.  The days of sticking with the same insurance company year after year after year, and just paying what they say you owe, are over.

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